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Name of Company                 : HUST Vietnam Technical Equipment Company

Int’l Transaction Name           : HUST Vietnam Technical Equipment Company

English Abb. Name:               : HUST Vietnam Company

Address                                  : No75, Mai Anh Tuan, Thanh Cong Str., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi City, Vietnam

HN Office                               : Floor 3+4, Z2-20, LePARC commercial center, Yen So, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

HCM Office                            : Room 502, Win Home building, no. 197 Huynh Tan Phat, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel                                          : (+84) 24 2239 8811

Website                                  : http://www.hust.com.vn

Email                                      info@hust.com.vn - hust@hust.com.vn

HUST Vietnam Technical Equipment Company (HUST) operated as a professional agency in consulting solutions, supplying technical equipment nationwide.

Technical sciences are nowadays considered as foundation for the socio-economic development. Recently, various Enterprises, Centers, R&D Institutes and Universities have paid a special attention to investing and upgrading equipment for production, quality management, and research and training activities.  However, there exist really wasted and scattered investments which are inappropriate to applications and have not yet optimized technical equipment. Along with our development orientations, HUST always strives to provide its customers with the most appropriate products with competitive prices and best after-sales services. HUST recognizes that it has a responsibility to build up stable, sustainable and long-term customers’ relationships. HUST’s Slogan as followed:

 “Your Technical Partner”.

Currently, HUST has focused on building up comprehensive business development strategies at the management level for further developing and stabilizing its personnel as well as strengthening its customers’ relationships. HUST hopes to contribute to its partners’ success and social development.




HUST always considers “People” as the foundation for company’s development strategies. Hence, HUST makes favorable conditions for building highly qualified, enthusiastic and united staff to serve customer’s satisfaction and sustainable development of the Company. 


Customers are HUST’s partners and target as well. Customer’s satisfaction is our development target which is also understood and penetrated by HUST’s employees. HUST’s staff always serves its customers with their self-dedication and self-determination to work. 


HUST is committed to providing its customers with best products and services. All our products are supplied by internationally reputed manufacturers. HUST understands that “Trust” is very important; therefore, we are always responsible for our product quality and timely delivery to cater our customers’ satisfaction. 


Together with our product quality, we always pay special attention to after-sales services. HUST will accompany you during the products’ life and is ready to solve all unexpected problems with the shortest waiting time period.


HUST is one of the top companies in consulting services and technical equipment supply, the prestigious choice for Customers


  • Providing repair, warranty, maintenance of machines, industrial and civil equipment services.
  • Trading automobiles and other motor vehicles.
  • Selling motor vehicle accessories & spare parts.
  • Wholesale and retail trade, agents of accessories & spare parts for motorcycles and mopeds.
  • Wholesale trade of computers, peripheral devices  and software.
  • Wholesale trade of telecommunication and electronic equipment and components.
  • Wholesale trade of machines, equipment and other accessories for Agriculture.
  • Wholesale trade of machines, equipment and other accessories.
  • Wholesale trade of other chemicals (except for chemicals used in Agriculture).
  • Retail trade of computers, peripheral devices, software and telecommunication equipment in specialized stores.
  • Retail trade of audio-video equipment in specialized stores.
  • Environmental Monitoring.
  • Conducting scientific research, processing-technology transfer and application, waste recycling and environment-friendly technology
  • Services for renting machines, equipment and any other devices

    HUST Motto

         Satisfaction - customers are very important to us and also the core for development. HUST is focused on achieving customers’ satisfaction of consulting services, product quality.

           Prestige - HUST always pursues the long term sustainable relationship with customers, and we understand that it is necessary to build up “Trust” first.

           After-sales services - we provide our customers with fast feedback/responses, best service quality to meet the production progress as well as customers’ demands.

         Success – Success is our final target, not only in HUST’s business performance but also for our customers. We always take a special look at sustainable relations, mutual benefits.


    Recruit and build up strong, highly qualified and dedicated teams.

    Specialized organization structure, leading the management organization to perfection based on ISO standards.

    Create professional, healthy and friendly working environment which helps our staff optimize their capacities and have opportunities for their career development.

    Select variety of high quality suppliers with appropriate prices to meet our Customers’ Needs.

    Coordinate with suppliers to train employees at the manufacturers together with internal training activities for improving the quality of human resources, enhancing the company’s competitiveness and serving the customers with best services.

    Always be good listeners, especially our customers’ feedback to bring the customers the most appropriate products, best quality and after-sales services for cooperation of mutual benefits.

    Maintain and improve the quality management system which meets the market’s needs and ensures the sustainable development.


    With highly qualified staff, professional management system, diversified mottos, good suppliers and competitive prices, HUST has been selected as a distributor in Vietnam by internationally well-known manufacturers:

    Partner HUST
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Office in Hanoi: Floor 3+4, Z2-20, LePARC commercial center, Yen So, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, Vietnam 
Phone: (+84) 24 2239 8811 / Hotline: (+84) 24 3350 4031

Office in Ho Chi Minh City: Room 502, Win Home building, no. 197 Huynh Tan Phat, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: (+84) 868 519 518 / Hotline: (+84) 24 3350 4031

Email: info@hust.com.vn

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